Appraisal Services for Banks & Lenders

Orleans Appraisal offers appraisals services for private, local, and national lenders. The majority of our appraisal assignments are conventional and FHA insured mortgages. We also offer a wide range of valuation types to meet the varying needs of lending institutions. The staff of Orleans Appraisal specializes in Foreclosure and Real Estate Owned, REO, residential properties in the Greater New Orleans area.

Our bank & lender appraisal services include:
Foreclosure / REO appraisals

Orleans Appraisal is a leading residential appraisal company for foreclosures, loan modifications, and bank owned real estate assets. Throughout the Greater New Orleans area, our appraisers provide appraisal services for loans, private money, foreclosure, and REO real estate for single-family homes and multi-family residences up to four units.

Our staff of professional appraisers provide real estate valuations for attorneys, banks, and financial institutions in the Greater New Orleans area. They are experts at differentiating between fair market value and quick sale value. Our Louisiana certified appraisers will provide current fair market value appraisals to meet the challenging and unique markets in the New Orleans area. For home foreclosures and homes that have reverted to REO status, a lender will benefit from the expertise of our years of working in the New Orleans real estate market.

Furthermore, our appraisers have the experience and knowledge to handle difficult situations that may arise when working with real estate in distress, including neglect or damage of the property or even hostile occupants. In the latter exists, our staff would recommend to our client an exterior 2055 “drive-by” appraisal.

Other Lending Appraisal Services

Orleans Appraisal can also provide other appraisal services to meet lender needs, including appraisal review, draw inspections, fee assignments, and portfolio valuation. Call or Email Us to discuss how we can meet your real estate needs.