Accountant Appraisal

Appraisal Services for Louisiana Accountants & CPA

Our accountant & CPA services include:

Estate Planning and Tax Planning

Estate Planning can be difficult for the succession representative for quite a few reasons, and Orleans Appraisal will handle this process with great care and sensitivity. Our appraisers are state certified and knowledgeable of all federal , state, and USPAP guidelines, so we understand what is required by an appraiser for planning an estate. The qualifications and accreditation of the appraiser should be apparent, current, and legitimate. Our appraisers are experienced and accredited and our reports include the appraiser’s qualifications and accreditation. Otis Shipman, President of Orleans Appraisal, is a licensed real estate agent and has worked as a Louisiana certified residential real estate appraiser for four years.

In addition, Orleans Appraisal’s documents are professional, valid, and meet all federal, state, and USPAP guidelines. They include a detailed justification of how the appraiser derived the fair market value (FMV) and include details of the comparable research that help to prove validity and that the appraiser exercised due diligence in his or her search for data in that area. Orleans Appraisal can assure you that each appraisal report that you receive from us includes a rationale and justification that will give you peace of mind.


Orleans Appraisal understands that filing for bankruptcy is a very important decision, and we assure that you can trust us in this process. The appraisal plays a key role in a bankruptcy proceeding. The bankruptcy process includes the debtor completing an expense report that demonstrates the net worth of his or her assets. The homeowner, therefore, must request an official appraisal. There are several significant deadlines in this process. Orleans Appraisal will work with your schedule to make sure that all of these deadlines are met to avoid postponing proceedings or delaying resolutions. When it does make it to court, the judge will take care to determine the credibility of the report and the credentials and reputation of the appraiser. The state certified residential appraisers at Orleans Appraisal follow state, federal, and USPAP regulations and are experienced with dealing with bankruptcy cases.

Estate Settlement, Date Of Death Appraisals

The value of real property fluctuates over time. To determine the value of an estate from a date some time ago, you can rely on the experienced and certified appraisers at Orleans Appraisal to provide a retrospective (aka Date of Death) Fair Market Value (FMV) of an estate. This is usually requested for estate tax purposes or when handling the assets of a decendent. Often, estates consist of a portfolio of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. For commercial and industrial real estate, Orleans Appraisal has relationships with certified general appraisers that we can recommend for your non-residential needs. Contact us for more information. Orleans appraisal also handles the disposition of assets in probate or within a will.

Other CPA Appraisal Services

Orleans Appraisal can also provide other CPA and account appraisal work, including appraisals for divorce, tax assessment and other accounting oriented appraisal work. Call or Email Us to discuss how we can meet your brokerage and client’s needs.